Acabado cake syrups

Super moist for your cakes

Acabado cake syrup comes in 3 different flavours

  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Red

There are seven major ways you can use Acabado Cake Syrup

  1. Addition in your barter before baking
  2. Spraying on your baked products
  3. Addition in buttercream
  4. Addition in mock-tails/cocktails
  5. Soak fruits
  6. Making whipped cream
  7. Making drippings

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Addition of Acabado cake syrup into your cake barter or directly spraying after baking help you achieve the following….

  1. Helps your cake to be more moist and maintain it for a longer time
  2. it improves the taste of your cake without adding extra sugary taste
  3. It revives dry cakes as a result of over baking
  4. It’s just the perfect finish for black forest and velvet cakes

Addition of Acabado cake syrup to your buttercream helps you achieve the following…..

  1. Helps to reduce air bubbles
  2. Creates good consistency to help in smooth finish
  3. Help reduce friction during combing
  4. Makes piping easier
  5. Improves overall taste of buttercream

For soaking fruits…. Acabado cake syrup got your back

There are some clients who dont want anything alcohol near thier cake. You don’t have to worry anymore because Acabado cake syrup can be used to soak your fruits as long as you want.

You can add little lime or lemon juice to it to give it another twist

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