About Acabado Meet & Greet 14.0

Acabado Meet and greet 14.0  was a success and we appreciate you all for honouring our invitation.
Much Love From Acabado Products.

We where blessed to have the likes of;


Kema Abuede

Cake Priest.


Ifeoma Obi

Tomael Cakes


Ugwoh Matthias

Cakes By Mathy

To educate us on some exceptional Baking tips and technique, and the event was concluded with fun activities like dancing and networking.

Gallery From Acabado Meet & Greet 14.0

Photos From M&G 14.0

We manufacture raw materials that helps enhance the quality of a baked goods, hence giving every baker a perfect baking experience.

Our mission is simply to provide healthy and quality raw materials for bakers at a very affordable rate.