Be a Facilitator at Acabado Meet & Greet 19.0!

Calling All Baking Experts and Professionals

Are you a passionate baker with a wealth of expertise and a desire to share your knowledge with a dynamic baking community?


We invite you to become a facilitator at the 19th edition of Acabado Meet & Greet – a platform that brings together industry-leading professionals and aspiring bakers for a day of learning, networking, and inspiration!

Why Join Us as a Facilitator?

  • Share Your Expertise: Showcase your baking techniques, tips, and industry insights with a captive audience eager to learn from the best.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect and interact directly with fellow baking enthusiasts, including high-level professional bakers you admire.

  • Exposure: Gain more recognition within the baking industry and build your personal brand through this unique teaching opportunity to promote your brand.

  • Global Reach: Acabado Meet & Greet 19.0 will also be streamed live on YouTube, allowing you to share your knowledge with a global audience.

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Facilitator Criteria

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We manufacture raw materials that helps enhance the quality of a baked goods, hence giving every baker a perfect baking experience.

Our mission is simply to provide healthy and quality raw materials for bakers at a very affordable rate.