Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions you will wanna know

Acabado Product International is a manufacturing company that is into raw materials that help enhance the quality of your baked products, hence giving every baker a product baking experience.


At Acabado Product International, our mission is simply to provide healthy and quality raw materials for bakers at a very affordable rate.

The following below are the lists of product at Acabado product international.

(i)                  Ready to roll Fondant.

(ii)                Cake Syrup.

(iii)               Color paste.

(iv)               Velvet colors.

(v)                Flavors.

(vi)               Cocoa powder.

(vii)             Icing sugar.

(viii)           Brown Sugar.

(ix)               Baking Powder.

(x)                 Baking Soda.



Acabado colours paste helps you with the following characteristics…

  • Improves the taste of recipe.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes in different variety colours.
  • Always available.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Triple action.


You can use Acabado ready to roll fondant for the following…


  • Covering for your cakes and cookies.
  • Sugar flower.

Acabado ready to roll fondante has the following characteristic…

  1. Easy to roll.
  2. Tastes good.
  3. Glossy and pliable with smooth finish.
  4. Doesn’t sweat.
  5. Refrigerator not compulsory.
  6. Saves time and energy.
  7. Stays over six(6) months.
  8. Wheather friendly.
  9. Produced with 100% edible raw materials.
  10. Always available.


You can use Acabado cake syrup for the following…

(i)                  Addition in your barter before baking.

(ii)                Spraying on your baked products.

(iii)               Addition in buttercream.

(iv)               Addition in mocktails/cocktails.

(v)                Soak fruit.

(vi)               Making whipped cream.

(vii)             Making drippings.

Addition of Acabado Cake syrup into your cake or directly spraying after baking helps you to achieve the following…

(i)                  Helps your cake to be moister and maintain it for a longer time.

(ii)                It improves the taste of your cake without adding extra sugary taste .

(iii)               It revives dry cake as a result of over baking.

(iv)               Its just the perfect finish for black forest and velvet cakes.

Addition of Acabado cake syrup to your buttercream helps you to achieve the following…

(i)                  Helps to reduce air bubbles.

(ii)                Create good consistency to help in smooth finish.

(iii)               Helps reduce friction during combing.

(iv)               Make piping easier.

(v)                Improves overall taste of buttercream.



Acabado cocoa powder helps you with the following characteristic…

  • Retain moisture.
  • Impact rich chocolate flavour.
  • Result in fluffier cakes.
  • Gives rich chocolate taste.
  • Always available.


Acabado icing sugar comes with the following characteristic…

  • So white.
  • Very smooth.
  • Very active.
  • Blends easily.
  • No need to sieve.
  • Enough quality.
  • Fine texture.
  • Good for all recipes.
  • Does not cake up.


Acabado brown sugar helps with the following characteristic…

  • Gives nice caramel colour.
  • Result in fluffier cakes.
  • Retain moisture in cakes and baked products.
  • Healthy and contains fewer calories.
  • Always available.

We manufacture raw materials that helps enhance the quality of a baked goods, hence giving every baker a perfect baking experience.

Our mission is simply to provide healthy and quality raw materials for bakers at a very affordable rate.