Win 100k Grand Prize Now In Acabado Fondante Challenge

By making a simply video of you being creative with any Acabado Fondante Of Your Choice

Step To Participate In The Challenge

1)  Get any Acabado Fondante of your choice (White Fondante, Black Fondante, Red Fondant or Neutral Fondante)


2) Make a video of yourself doing something creative with Acabado Fondante


3) Click the Submit Your Video button somewhere on  this page to submit Acabado Fondante entry video


4) Receive video link from us then share to your friends, families, neighbours etc to earn more Likes, Votes, Comments and Subcribers on our YouTube channel.

*Click Button Below To Submit*

Deadline For Entry Video Submission

26August – 25 September 2023

Challenge Start - End Date

26 September – 25 October

Challenge Term & Condition

1)  Quality of video


2) Proper delivering of Message in video.


3) Do not in anyway exhibit other brand product aside acabadoproduct in video


4) The video you are submiting must not be already posted on any social media platform

*Click Button Below To Submit*

Winner will be pick based on the following calculation below

  • Like = +1point
  • Dislike = -2point
  • View = +1point
  • Subscriber = +2 for each subscriber

Video with the highest points wins..

Let The Challenge Begin!

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