The product focus for today is Acabado Brown

SugarAcabado Brown Sugar is rich in minerals like iron and calcium.It contains more iron than white sugar, which is an essential mineral that helps fight fatigue and maintain healthy blood cells and red blood cells.

Acabado Brown sugar also contains calcium. Calcium is a mineral that helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth.

Acabado brown sugar helps with the following characteristics…

1. Gives nice caramel colour.
2. Result in flufier cakes.
3. Retains moisture in cakes and baked products.
4. Healthy and contains fewer calories.
5. Always available.
6. Affordable.

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1. Do you know that submission of video for the Acabado Cake Syrup challenge has ended?

After a month extension, the submission of video for the Acabado Cake Syrup challenge has finally ended.

The challenge has fully commence for those whose videos were approved. Now all they need to do is to share the link given to them to earn more likes, votes, comments and subscribers on our YouTube channel @Startright recipes.

The highest number of votes, likes, shares, comments, and Subcribers wins.

The challenge will run through 26th July – 25th August 2023. 

Best of luck to the selected persons.

Terms and conditions is applied. 

Watch Cake Syrup Challenge On YouTube

2. Do you know that Acabado product international had her Meet and Greet 18.0 on the 19th July 2023?

The event had the likes of Wumy’s Cakes, Yago’s Cakes_et_al and Freshie_Creamie in attendance and not to forget the host of the event, the colour queen and CEO Acabado products International Engr. Edith Ozumba was also present to grace the event.

It was really an educational and interactive experience as participants were thrilled by the facilitators on ground with beautiful cake techniques like Stone Effect on Cake, Caligraphy with Royal icing and Sugar Hat & Wafer Paper flower for their baking sensation.

The participants also were filled with praise and thanks to Acabado products International for making it possible for them to have achieved such sensational cake techniques as been taught by the facilitators, as they can’t wait for the next edition to come.

The event still remains free of charge as everyone is invited to attend.

The next edition of the Acabado Meet and Greet 19.0 has been slated for the 23rd August 2023 and will be communicated on our social media network @acabado_products both on Instagram & WhatSapp Family Group.

3. Do you know that Acabado Meet and Greet 18.0 was streamed LIVE on Youtube?

The Acabado Meet and Greet 18.0 was streamed LIVE on YouTube via our YouTube channel @Startright recipes.

To enable those who reside outside Lagos to participate.

Watch Meet & Greet 18.0 Now On YouTube

4. Do you know that you can get all the answers to your questions on our FAQ/Help manual on our website?

The customer care department of Acabado Products International limited has made that possible with ease for her esteemed customers.

All you need to do is go to our website on, click on the FAQ/Help manual and find the answers to your question with ease, it’s that simple.

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5. Do you know that there are now fake Acabado paste colour in the market?

The customer care department of Acabado Products International limited has come to sensitize her customers by which they can know the original Acabado paste colour when they go for it at the market.

Below are the steps on how to know the original Acabado paste colours.

(i). The top cap is crested with Acabado Products International and Logo.
(ii). The bottom has the name ACABADO written in capital letters.
(iii). The top sticker has Acabado name and logo along with the colour name written on it.
(iv). The side sticker has the colour name, NAFDAC approved number, Batch number, Weight, Acabado name with Logo, company’s address , email, and website written on it.
(v). The top cover is sealed completely and can only be opened with a twist.

If these five steps are not been observed at the market during purchase, then know that it’s a fake.