Keeping Up With The Trends By Acabado Products

Our product focus for today is Acabado Fondante’

This unique product comes in 1kg pack sizes and contains twelve pieces in a carton making a total of 12kg.

The following are some features you stand to gain in this unique product.

You can use Acabado ready to roll fondante’ for the following…

1. Covering for your cakes and cookies.
2. Modelling
3. Sugar Flowers
4. Dripping

Acabado ready to roll fondante’ has the following characteristics…

1. Easy to roll.
2. Tastes good.
3. Colourful.
4. Glossy and pliable with smooth finish.
5. Doesn’t Sweat.
6. Affordable.
7. Refrigeration not compulsory.
8. Saves time and energy.
9. Stays over 6 months.
10. Wheather friendly.
11. Produced with 100% edible raw materials.
12. Always available.

This quality product can easily be gotten in any cake store available nearest to you and it’s very much affordable.

So what are you waiting for, go get yours now or you can visit our website to place your order, our able and quick response customer service executives are already on stand by to tend to your needs.


Do you know that the Acabado icing sugar challenge is still very much on, you could be the lucky winner to go home with 100k(cash & products).

All you’re required to do is to create a video of yourself using Acabado icing sugar to make your fondant and use it to cover a cake 🎂.


Visit our Instagram bio @acabado_products, clink on the link and it will take you to the landing page of the Acabado icing sugar challenge, follow the instructions and submit your video.


If your video is approved, an email/message will be sent to you along with a link you can share to your friends and family to earn votes.

The highest number of views, likes and shares wins.

Hurry you could be the lucky winner, start making that video and start submitting, challenge runs all through Febuary 2023.


Terms and condition applied.

Let the challenge begin💃💃💃.

Do you know that you can get all the exclusive videos of the Acabado icing sugar challenge on our YouTube channel?


Yes that’s right, our YouTube channel is up and running and it’s where you could get all the exclusive videos, guide/steps on how to participate in the challenge.


Visit our YouTube channel on StarRight Recipe, subscribe and follow the steps the participants took in wanting to become the inaugural winner of the Acabado product challenge.


Do you know Acabado products International had its first Meet and Greet for the year 2023 tagged Acabado Meet and Greet 13.0 on the 8th February 2023.

The event took place at the office hall in Ikeja with alot of bakers and up coming bakers in attendance.


It was graced by the CEO Acabado products International Engr. Edith Ozumba along with top notch facilitators in the baking industry.


The likes of Cakes by Rejoice, Cake by Rennie Confectionery and the colour queen of the cake industry/host Engr. Edith Ozumba were all present to impact mouth watering topics to the attendees.


Some attendees while been interview commend Acabado products International for bringing such opportunity to bakers out there who had no cash to register in a baking school, as they see the event to be so helpful in their pursuit in becoming famous and making a name for themselves in the baking industry.


Acabado Meet and Greet has helped many known bakers out there in achieving their dreams and the good thing about it, is that its still free of charge, no fee attached.


You are free to come along with your baker friends and family to the event.

For more information, visit our website on, follow us on any of our social media handles Facebook and Instagram @acabado_products, also follow and subscribe to our YouTube channel StarRight Recipe.



While managing a bakery business isn’t easy, it is more challenging to do all the things required that will ensure that your bakery business does wonders. Read below to know how you can further run your bakery business better.


1. Have a clear finance sheet: Having proper bakers insurance in place is one way you can keep your ovens hot and cash registers overflowing.


The bakeries which plan and prepare for emergencies are the ones that are always prepared and can move on to further expansion.

Hence, budget your restaurant operations carefully. Maintain a detailed expense sheet about how much goes into maintenance, buying of raw materials and paying your staff every month.


Once you have your total monthly expenditure, then you can calculate your profit margin and invest the extra profit made, back into your bakery business. Your bakery is your dream. Don’t let a potential finance issue turn your dream of running a successful bakery into a nightmare.


2. Having a website is a must : To have a legitimate online presence, it is imperative for your bakery business to have its website. An optimized and well-designed website as per the SEO(search engine optimization) norms will help people searching for bakery products find your bakery easily. Once, your bakery business becomes easily accessible to all your customers, it will automatically help you to boost your sales. Optimizing your website to make it SEO(search engine optimization) friendly is not an easy task, and hence it is recommended that you get some professional help for this.


3. Create a social media following: Social media is the best way to attract and capture the immense crowd who are hovering on these various platforms. Hence, make sure that you have created business pages on social media and update and optimize them on a regular basis. Post regular photos and videos that will reflect the happenings of your restaurant. You can even receive reviews and feedbacks from these pages that will help you to hone the operations of your bakery business further.


4. Integrate with online Delivery Platform or a Logistics company: Considering that most of your customers would now like to order food than to go out and dine. Hence, it becomes imperative for your bakery business to allow your customers to order online from your store.

So, what you can do is, integrate with Gokada, Uber Eat or any other logistics company like platforms which will help your products to reach the doorsteps of your customers.

Not only should your bakery be visible on these online delivery platforms, make sure that people can order directly at your bakery through your bakery website as well. This will reduce any scope for you on losing your potential clients.


5. Try to stand out in the vicinity: Try and bring specific innovation in your bakery business which is not present in your vicinity. This will keep you ahead of your competitors. Consider offering gluten-free options or becoming the only nut-free bakery in your area. If your bakery business is the only one providing a doughnut and coffee combo, then it is a sure thing that you would attract customers.

Hence, do market research, try and analyze what are the trends that are yet not exploited to the fullest and then bring about changes accordingly.

There you have it guys, we’ve come to the end of this edition of the Acabado Newsletter and we do hope you’ve learnt something here today.

For enquires, please visit our website on and also on our social media handle Instagram and Facebook @acabado_products.

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Until we see you next time, same place, same Newsletter, bye for now.