Our products focus for today is Acabado Brown Sugar.

Acabado brown sugar helps with the following characteristics…

1. Gives nice caramel colour.
2. Result in flufier cakes.
3. Retain moisture in cakes and baked products.
4. Healthy and contains fewer calories.
5. Always available.
6. Affordable.

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Did you know that Acabado Brown Sugar comes in 500g size with extra gramage add to it at an affordable price?

Yes you heard that correctly, you can only get these from Acabado products International.

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Trending News

The CEO Acabado Products International limited Engr Mrs Edith Ozumba held her last meet and greet for the year.

That’s correct, the CEO and management Acabado products International held their last meet and greet for the year tagged Acabado Meet and Greet 12.0.

It was graced with top notch facilitators like Chef Kola, Jefas catering & events and Oswilcakes.

The facilitators impacted some mouth watering topics to the participants at the event respectively… How to make Macaroons, Creamy cake fillings with Chocolate Buttercream frosting and Crust Buttercream using Acabado vanilla syrup.

Attendees of the event were filled with so much joy and excitement as they couldn’t just contain what they had achieved to themselves alone.

Speaking with one of the participants she expressed her heart filled joy and gratitude to the CEO Acabado products International Engr Edith Ozumba for giving them(Bakers & upcoming Bakers) such an amazing opportunity to be able to learn at the event which was free of charge as she further concluded that she can’t wait for next year’s edition.

The event recorded a ground breaking record for numbers of attendees at the event as the event venue hall was filled with bakers and also upcoming bakers from various locations across Nigeria.

The CEO appreciated the facilitators by gifting them take home Harmpers courtesy Acabado products International and also the crowd weren’t left out as they too had some free product samples to go home with.

The next edition of the Meet and Greet has been slated for 8th February 2023 and gate fee still remains free of charge.

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Use caster or soft brown sugar in your all in one cakes because their fine crystals dissolve easily. Soft brown sugar gives a slighty richer and darker cake.

Avoid granulated or demerara sugar which gives a coarse heavy texture.


Challenges we face in baking industry
Below are some of the challenges bakers face in the baking industry.

1. Poor cashflow:
We see this a lot with bakeries just starting out, there are so many expenses and even with plenty of investment, loans and donations, if you don’t have proper cash flow, you won’t be able to make a success of your business.

There are many ways to keep your cash flow positive. We recommend starting with a solid foundation and developing a good cash flow forecast.

This will give you visibility of all your incomings and outgoings. In practice, this means you’ll know if you’re going to exceed your profit predictions or you’ll get advanced warning that you’re going to fall short so you can turnaround a backup plan pronto.

It will also help you understand if it’s your customers’ late payments that are making you come unstuck.

2. Effective product promotion:
We know that it can be quite challenging to effectively promote your latest products. After all, you entered this trade for the love of baking not marketing.

In the past, many bakeries would host small events or send free samples to their customers but post COVID has made us understand that it’s time to go digital.

One way to do this is through a digital catalogue, such as the one you can utilise on Ordermentum. The great thing about a digital catalogue linked to your ordering system is that you can add new products that your customers will see when they go to make their order or they can be notified.

A digital catalogue can work really well if your sales strategy is to focus on seasonal products like Christmas cookies, Easter Treats or Valentine’s day cakes.

You can simply create a digital catalogue showing off all the products under your “holiday” theme and easily share it with your customers.

3. Running out of inventory:
This is a big problem that can have big consequences, especially if your’e dependent on spreadsheets or other paper based systems to keep track of your inventory.

This can lead to missed order deadlines, wasted ingredients, excess spending, unhappy customers the list goes on.

The good news is that once again its technology that can give you the easy fix. Digital inventory management systems will help you track your stock levels so you’ll know if you’re running low. An online inventory system alerts you as soon as you need to replenish your stock and some can then place an order directly for you.

4. Collecting and managing multiple wholesale orders effectively:
Many wholesale bakeries take their orders via a whole host of different methods phone calls, texts, emails. When you get started, there won’t be that many orders to keep track of but surely your goal is bakery world domination with hundreds of orders a day? This is when you’ll need a better system.

Once again, the answer is to invest in technology and putting a good order management system in place early so you can immediately manage multiple wholesale orders will mean your transition from good to great will be smooth and stress free.

An order management system keeps all your orders in one place so you can easily see and track them at any time. It improves your customer experience as they won’t have to call you or email you through their orders, they’ll simply order online in just a few clicks. Orders then appear straight in your production system, in real time, without any manual data entry.

The better order management systems on the market will do more than just manage your orders. You’ll be able to set up your own digital catalogues, sync with your current inventory system so you can see your stock levels and they can also help you keep your cash flow in the positive by allowing your customers to pay you immediately.

Of course, challenges are common in any food and beverage business, but it’s how you manage them that will make or break you. Our biggest tips are to review your processes regularly so they work seamlessly and invest in good technology so you can put your bakery in the best position for success.

There you have it guys, we’ve come to the end of today’s edition of the Acabado Newsletter, hope it was a smooth ride.

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