Social Media Growth Challenge

This challenge will help you revive your social engagement, boost your audience interaction and will in turn lead to sales. (Totally Free Of Charge)

Benefit Of Joining This Challenge

Joining This Challenge Willl Help You Acheive The Following;

1) Your customers have a stronger relationship with your brand: When you are active on your social media handles, you are focused on producing quality content and giving your customers valuable services. Seeing such posts can build the trust of your visitors and turn them into potential customers. People will start looking for your brand when they need to buy a product relevant to yours. When you get enough likes, shares, and comments, newcomers think that this post is trustable and explore it more. This in turn provides you with more opportunities to build brand loyalty, increase word-of-mouth referrals and increase sales.


The 30 days challenge is designed to help build positive perception for your brand.

2) On the average millions of people spend 2 hours daily on social media. With this, it gives you a chance to reach out to more people at the same time and increase your brand awareness among them. People will view your posts if you post regularly, which can greatly improve your social media engagement. This challenge is for 30 days. It is enough time to build a regular posting habit.

3) It gives you a better search engine presence.
Social media has a great impact in terms of SEO. There is a correlation between social media and search performance. This means that the more likes and comments you get on your social platforms the more likely Google will be to signal and represent a sizable traffic source to your channels. It can drive more referral traffic to your social media channels. The 30 days challenge has been designed to help you increase the numner of likes and comments and even shares on your platform.

This 30 days challenge is designed to help build positive perception for your brand.